Our History

Direct Printer Repair is a family-owned company that has been servicing printers for over 25 years. We began our enterprise as the contractor for a large printer repair dealer.

In other words, we worked for the middle man.

They had the brand that customers trusted but WE provided 100% of the service. We spoke directly with the customers, answered their questions, fixed their printers, and shipped it back to them with lightning fast speed.

But the dealer got all the credit (and a large paycheck).

Eventually we realized what customers were missing - DIRECT Printer Repair! No middle man, no fa├žade, no high fees.

Just reliable, affordable, fast Direct service.

And that is EXACTLY what we do!

With Direct Printer Repair, you will never get the runaround. You deal directly with the experts! We handle it all - your online submission, your phone calls, your shipping and your printer repair.

We now have the opportunity to build strong relationships with our customers, and that's what this business is all about!

Our Location

Direct Printer Repair is located just 45 minutes from Chicago, IL. Our ideal centralized location gives you access to fast shipment from virtually anywhere in the country.

Our Services

You can trust DPR to skillfully repair your Zebra, Datamax, Intermec or Sato Label Printer.

  • SATO
  • Intermec
  • Zebra

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DPR Printer Repair

Help Desk

Q: Do you provide onsite diagnosis?

A: Yes, please call 1-855-355-3282

Q: I need my printer fixed ASAP! How long will your repairs take?

A: If it's just up to Direct Printer Repair, your printer will be in and out of our Service Center within 2 days! We guarantee a 48 hour evaluation, and most repairs can be done and the printer shipped back to you the same day we receive your approval. However, we cannot give a guaranteed turnaround time because a lot depends on you - the delivery options you choose and how quickly you approve the estimate. So stay by your phone, and you'll get your printer back in no time!

Q: How do I ship my printer?

A: After you receive a quote we'll send you the RMA. Simply pack up your printer and ship it via UPS or Fed-Ex whichever you prefer.

Q: How much do you charge?

A: Direct Printer Repair charges a diagnosis fee of $50* (non-refundable, does not include repair or parts). If you decide to repair after diagnosis, the repair fee is just $125 plus new parts if applicable.

Q: What printers do you service?

A: We repair printers of any size from the following brands: Datamax, Intermec, Sato and Zebra.

  • SATO
  • Intermec
  • Zebra